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Our mission is to educate and provide resources to pet owners in need of affordable spay and neuter services, decrease pet overpopulation, lower shelter intake, and give animals in shelters a better chance at finding a home. Learn more

Spay & Neuter Kansas City

Spay and Neuter Kansas City (SNKC) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, formed in 2002, with the primary goal of promoting affordable spay and neuter services to help decrease pet overpopulation in the Kansas City area.

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Featured Program

The Springfield Humane Society recently donated funds to Springfield MO Animal Control to have their animal control trucks wrapped with an important Spay Neuter Message! Spay Missouri is so excited about this public awareness campaign from Animal Control. 

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Are you looking for an affordable spay or neuter clinic near your Kansas or Missouri residence? Find a clinic in either Kansas or Missouri using our clinic locator tool. Just type in your zip code and retrieve a list of clinics located closest to your zip code.

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